2022 Spiro Workshops

2022 Spiro Workshops

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Spiro Workshops combine an educational presentation w an exercise class targeting a specific topic or theme. We welcome everyone to register and attend the Workshop sessions live on Zoom. Registration is free at this time so block off your Thursdays at 9am Pacific or 12/Noon Eastern and join us live each week. As a Spiro100 subscriber, you will be able to watch all of the recorded live sessions here on the app where each Workshop will be available 24/7 on-demand.

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2022 Spiro Workshops
  • April Week 2 - Standing Tall Against Falls

    Episode 2

    Effects on balance. Individuals with Parkinson's are twice as as likely to experience a fall. Loss of balance is one of the most challenging movement symptom of Parkinson's. Exercise is your best friend for improving balance and reducing your risk of falling . Exercise can also help improve gait ...

  • April Week 3 - Finding Your Strength

    Episode 3

    Strength training offers many benefits such as improvements to balance, mobility and cognitive function. Strength training also helps prevent and improve poor posture. Stooped posture can contribute to balance difficulties and lead to falls but it can also cause neck and back pain, impact your br...

  • April Week 1: Parkinson's & Movement

    Episode 1

    Parkinson's is most commonly recognized for its movement symptoms like tremors and stiffening. Exercise can play a crucial role in helping to manage progression of these symptoms and help improve overall mobility, strength and balance, all of which are common areas of decline for individuals with...