Improve Memory & Slow Decline

Improve Memory & Slow Decline

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Did you know that physical, mental and social activities can reduce the risk of Alzheimer's?

The Brain Health Series is full of great activities that you can do with your loved ones and could also help improve memory and slow down mental decline.

Our expert instructors are ready and waiting for you to get started. Don't wait, start today!

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Improve Memory & Slow Decline
  • Conductorcise Volume I

    Episode 1

    Place yourself in the sneakers of an orchestra conductor and raise your baton to a mighty Soasa march, an impetuous Strauss polka, or an elegant Tchaikovsky waltz as you enjoy a great musical workout.

  • Conductorcise Volume II

    Episode 2

    Return to the podium for another Conductorcise® workout that helps revitalize and heal your very being, gently stretch muscles, and relieve stress as you lead masterpieces by Mozart, Dvorak, Grieg, and other giants.

  • Conductorcise Volume III

    Episode 3

    Combine the athletic and aesthetic in this adventure in symphonic aerobics. As you lead and learn about beloved classics, Conductorcise® will help stimulate greater circulation, elevate pulse, and work muscles you never knew you had!