Conductorcise® (All Levels)

Conductorcise® (All Levels)

​With CONDUCTORCISE®, you can strengthen your heart and open your ears. Maestro David Dworkin leads participants of any level of ability as they enjoy a natural, invigorating upper body workout, learn basic conducting techniques, improve listening skills, and find out about the lives and work of the great composers.​

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Conductorcise® (All Levels)
  • Conductorcise Volume I

    Place yourself in the sneakers of an orchestra conductor and raise your baton to a mighty Soasa march, an impetuous Strauss polka, or an elegant Tchaikovsky waltz as you enjoy a great musical workout.

  • Conductorcise Volume II

    Return to the podium for another Conductorcise® workout that helps revitalize and heal your very being, gently stretch muscles, and relieve stress as you lead masterpieces by Mozart, Dvorak, Grieg, and other giants.

  • Conductorcise Volume III

    Combine the athletic and aesthetic in this adventure in symphonic aerobics. As you lead and learn about beloved classics, Conductorcise® will help stimulate greater circulation, elevate pulse, and work muscles you never knew you had!