Choose from 30+ Classes

Choose from 30+ Classes

6 Seasons

Click the 'v' below to find the 6 categories of exercises to choose from. Enjoy over 30 classes in a seated position.

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Choose from 30+ Classes
  • Tai Chi for Everyone

    Done seated or standing, Tai Chi is an appropriate form of fitness for active aging. No equipment needed.

  • Shibashi (Standing)

    This standing Shibashi practice is made up of 18 movements from Tai Chi and qigong.

  • Tai Chi 1

    Tai Chi is an age old heath and wellness practice used by millions of people around the world. This workout makes Tai Chi more accessible - teaching the genuine roots of Tai Chi in a format that is engaging and active. The workout tones your body like a dancer while you learn the practice of Tai ...