Choose From 60+ Classes

Choose From 60+ Classes

9 Seasons

Click the 'v' below to find the 9 categories of exercises to choose from. Enjoy over 60 classes in a seated position.

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Choose From 60+ Classes
  • Shibashi (Seated)

    Episode 1

    This seated Shibashi practice is made up of 18 movements from Tai Chi and qigong.

  • Tai Chi Balance

    Episode 2

    Strength and balance training taught through the peaceful movements of Tai Chi.

  • Qigong, Tai Chi, and Yoga

    Episode 3

    Exercises from three disciplines were selected for their ease of learning and effectiveness in relaxing the mind and body, increasing energy, and enhancing the immune system. No equipment needed.

  • Tai Chi for Everyone

    Episode 4

    Done seated or standing, Tai Chi is an appropriate form of fitness for active aging. No equipment needed.