Chair Fitness Workouts

Chair Fitness Workouts

9 Seasons

Enjoy over 60 exercise classes that can be done from a seated position.

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Chair Fitness Workouts
  • Shibashi (Seated)

    This seated Shibashi practice is made up of 18 movements from Tai Chi and qigong.

  • Qigong, Tai Chi, and Yoga

    Exercises from three disciplines were selected for their ease of learning and effectiveness in relaxing the mind and body, increasing energy, and enhancing the immune system. No equipment needed.

  • Tai Chi Balance

    Episode 2

    Strength and balance training taught through the peaceful movements of Tai Chi.

  • Tai Chi for Everyone

    Episode 4

    Done seated or standing, Tai Chi is an appropriate form of fitness for active aging. No equipment needed.