2023 Spiro Workshops

2023 Spiro Workshops

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Every Thursday at Noon EST Spiro100 offers a live workshop where you can learn directly from our trainers. Spiro workshops combine an educational presentation with an exercise class targeting a specific topic or theme. We welcome everyone to register and attend live on Zoom. If you can't join live, you will be able to watch all of the recorded live sessions here on the app where each workshop will be available 24/7 on-demand.

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2023 Spiro Workshops
  • Sleep Fit Training

    Episode 1

    (Originally aired on Jan 5th 2023) In this first session we'll be talking about sleep and the role it plays in brain function and rest and recovery from daily demands. No doubt, sleep is essential for positive health outcomes. There are simple tricks you can make part of your daily routine that w...

  • Stressercise

    Episode 2

    (Originally aired on Jan 12th 2023) Exercise is a form of stress so when we are experiencing times of high stress we must choose our form of exercise wisely. There are many forms of exercise that will positively benefit you when you are experiencing heightened stress and there are many that will ...

  • You May Want to Stand Up For This

    Episode 3

    (Originally aired January 19th 2023) Modern society has literally engineered most forms of daily movement out of our daily lives in exchange for convenience and comfort but at what cost? We sit today more than ever and our health is paying the price. In this workshop we will explore the negative ...

  • Have You Tried Everything, Besides Diet & Exercise

    Episode 4

    (Originally aired on Jan 27th) Did you know that a 10 minute walk after meals can help regulate your blood sugar? Just 10 minutes can help avoid blood sugar spikes and in return help regulate your mood and even help prevent and manage more serious health conditions like type 2 diabetes. What we e...