Choose from 30+ Classes

Choose from 30+ Classes

6 Seasons

Click the 'v' below to find the 6 categories of exercises to choose from. Enjoy over 30 classes in a seated position.

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Choose from 30+ Classes
  • Balance and Breath

    Breathe through this yoga sequence designed to improve your balance and flexibility. This class can be done seated or standing with support.

  • Ageless Yoga

    Yoga on the floor designed for any age.

  • Slow Flow Yoga

    Welcome to Slow Flow Yoga. Flexibility is key in this yoga practice that also improves overall body strength.

  • Off the Chair, On The Mat Yoga

    Ready to go beyond chair yoga and get on to your yoga mat? Let Stacy guide you to the next level of your practice. This is only appropriate if you can safely come on and off the floor.

  • Yoga Breath

    Focus on your "Spiro" (breath) and stretch out the entire body in this special Tamilee yoga session.

  • Stand and Stretch

    Stretch stiff and sore muscles with this standing routine. Great as a pre/post workout for strength or cardio classes.