Chair Fitness Workouts

Chair Fitness Workouts

9 Seasons

Enjoy over 60 exercise classes that can be done from a seated position.

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Chair Fitness Workouts
  • Love and Connection

    Feel more love and connection while increasing strength and mobility through the use of mantras, mudras, meditation and a little movement.

  • Energy and Happiness

    Yoga movements, mantras, mudras and a sprinkle of meditation is all it takes to stir up happy and vital emotions. Put on your biggest smile and feel alive with this awesome class.

  • Spiro Technique

    Episode 10

    This breath control technique will instantly calm your mind and improve focus and concentration.

  • Intro: Mindfulness Meditation

    Episode 1

    Clear answers to basic questions on beginning mindfulness meditation.

  • Daily Practice for Body-Mind-Spirit Wellness (Seated)

    Episode 2

    A simple & enjoyable seated "moving meditation", adapted from the ancient Chinese tradition of Qi Gong. Practice daily for flexibility, serenity, and clarity of mind.

  • Practice: Mindfulness Meditation

    Episode 3

    A gentle guide into and out of silence for relaxation.

  • Guided Imagery for Serenity

    Episode 4

    Let your senses carry you to a place of peace.

  • Memory, Focus and Concentration

    Episode 7

    Yoga movements, mantras, mudras and meditation practice designed to increase your memory, focus and concentration.

  • Forgiveness

    Episode 7

    Forgiving can be very hard to do, but it is one of the greatest gifts of a spiritual life. This guided forgiveness meditation involves repeating 3 phrases. Let the phrases move into your heart and mind. A simple but deeply profound practice.

  • Loving Kindness

    Episode 9

    One of the highest emotions we can experience is Loving Kindness. Loving Kindness is the first practice of the four highest emotions in the Zen practice.
    The Loving Kindness meditation involves repeating 3 phrases. Let the phrases move into your heart and mind, then we will extend loving kindnes...