Choose from 15+ Classes

Choose from 15+ Classes

6 Seasons

Click the 'v' below to find the 5 categories of exercises to choose from. Enjoy over 15 classes in a supported position.

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Choose from 15+ Classes
  • 7-7-7 The Complete Workout

    Episode 1

    A complete workout of everything we need in fitness: strength, cardio, flexibility and balance

  • 4, 2, 1 Class

    Episode 2

    4, 2, 1 Class with Sue Grant.

  • Movement and Strength

    Episode 3

    Get moving with a fast paced cardio workout that is mostly seated but gets you out of the chair for some classic ballet movements.

  • Flexibility and Posture

    Episode 4

    Work on your posture by challenging your flexibility.

  • Ears, Eyes, and Feet

    Episode 5

    Improve the overall balance of the feet and ankles that take you through your entire life.