Choose From 60+ Classes

Choose From 60+ Classes

9 Seasons

Click the 'v' below to find the 9 categories of exercises to choose from. Enjoy over 60 classes in a seated position.

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Choose From 60+ Classes
  • Baseball Boogie

    Episode 1

    Take me out to the Boogie Baseball game! This seated class is short, sweet and fun.

  • Yoga to Ease Achy Muscles

    Episode 2

    Stretch and strengthen the body's muscles with this seated yoga class.

  • Cardio Brains and Brawn

    Episode 3

    Strengthen the muscles and the mind with this seated high energy cardio class.

  • Mindful Movement

    Episode 4

    A cognitively stimulating class combining overall body movement with mental activity.

  • Energy and Happiness

    Episode 5

    Yoga movements, mantras, mudras and a sprinkle of meditation is all it takes to stir up happy and vital emotions. Put on your biggest smile and feel alive with this awesome class.

  • Memory, Focus and Concentration

    Episode 6

    Yoga movements, mantras, mudras and meditation practice designed to increase your memory, focus and concentration.

  • Love and Connection

    Episode 7

    Feel more love and connection while increasing strength and mobility through the use of mantras, mudras, meditation and a little movement.

  • Mental Muscles

    Episode 8

    This class focuses on mental training with challenging exercises that train brain skills like language, problem solving, short-term and long-term memory, spatial skills, and math!