Choose Your Level, Seated-to-Standing

Choose Your Level, Seated-to-Standing

4 Seasons

Pick your level of ability to start your 7-day challenge. All of them follow the same schedule.
Day 1: Stretch
Day 2: Balance
Day 3: Cardio
Day 4: Yoga/Tai Chi
Day 5: Strength
Day 6: Music/Dance
Day 7: Posture

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Choose Your Level, Seated-to-Standing
  • Morning Stretch 2

    Rise and shine and stretch. Get your day off to a great start with this short Morning Stretch class.

  • Don't Fall For It

    Episode 2

    Training techniques that improve balance and strengthen muscles that prevent falls. Requires chair with a high back.

  • Basic Cardio Walk

    Episode 3

    Basic Cardio Walk is an energy filled exercise that gets the cardiovascular system flowing without having to go outside. Its fun, healthy and effective for all standing levels.

  • Ageless Yoga

    Episode 4

    Yoga on the floor designed for any age.

  • Body Weight Strength

    Episode 5

    Use your body and follow Tamilee through this series of exercises that builds strength for all the lower and upper body muscles without the need for equipment.

  • Balance Boogie #3

    Episode 6

    Upbeat dance movement to a variety of music for overall fitness & FUN.

  • Brain Games and Balance

    A unique standing class specifically created to reduce the risk of falling. Build balance, strength, endurance while challenging the mind. Chair needed.