Standing Fitness Workouts

Standing Fitness Workouts

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Choose from exercise classes designed for those able to move safely while standing.

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Standing Fitness Workouts
  • Joyous Movement 3

    A dance inspired sit to stand class that is thorough, fun and varied.

  • Introduction to Walking

    Learn all you need to know to start to get up off of the chair and start walking!

  • Walking Level 2

    Take what you learn in "Intro to Walking" and go beyond the basics to increase intensity and burn more calories.

  • Basic Cardio Walk

    Basic Cardio Walk is an energy filled exercise that gets the cardiovascular system flowing without having to go outside. Its fun, healthy and effective for all standing levels.

  • Heart Strong Interval

    Strengthen both cardiovascular and muscular systems with the use of free weights and bodyweight exercises, keeping one foot on the ground at all times to reduce joint impact. We finish with core conditioning and stretching.

  • Cardio Push

    To honor National Running Day, we’ll use just our bodyweight to get the blood flowing and heart pumping! This class is suitable for anyone who can stand without support. While there won’t be much rest, participants are invited to work at a pace that is sustainable for them.

  • Walking Workout

    This class will focus on the three main components of fitness: muscular, cardiovascular and mental fitness(memory).

  • Grand Standing Cardio

    Rock n' Roll with Sue in this standing cardio workout designed to support a healthy heart and strengthen the muscles.

  • HIIT for Boomers

    Experience the many benefits of HIIT training with this full body workout designed for the older adult. High Intensity Interval Training for baby boomers is finally here.