I Want to Exercise Standing

I Want to Exercise Standing

6 Seasons

Welcome to our standing exercise classes! Choose from our 'seasons' to find perfect classes for you.
Seasons Include:
Strength & Posture
Tai Chi
Fall Prevention

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I Want to Exercise Standing
  • Brain Games and Balance

    Episode 1

    A unique standing class specifically created to reduce the risk of falling. Build balance, strength, endurance while challenging the mind. Chair needed.

  • Leg Day Plus Core

    Episode 2

    Strengthen your lower body and core in this standing class.

  • Don't Fall For It

    Episode 3

    Training techniques that improve balance and strengthen muscles that prevent falls. Requires chair with a high back.

  • Get on the Ball

    Episode 4

    Standing exercises for strength and flexibility using a small ball.

  • FUNctional Fitness for Independence

    Episode 5

    Standing exercises for leg strength, safe mobility and balance.

  • Cover Your B.A.S.E.S.

    Episode 6

    Covering your B.A.S.E.S. is easy with this all in one class with Sue Grant.

  • Mental Muscles

    Episode 7

    This class focuses on mental training with challenging exercises that train brain skills like language, problem solving, short-term and long-term memory, spatial skills, and math!

  • Body Weight Strength

    Episode 8

    Use your body and follow Tamilee through this series of exercises that builds strength for all the lower and upper body muscles without the need for equipment.

  • Stop & Go

    Episode 9

    Walking and gait training are the focus in this fun class led by Lawrence Biscontini and Super Betty.

  • Senior Shape Up

    Episode 10

    Stretch and strengthen to improve flexibility, core strength, and balance.