Standing Fitness Workouts

Standing Fitness Workouts

6 Seasons

Choose from exercise classes designed for those able to move safely while standing.

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Standing Fitness Workouts
  • Leg Day Plus Core

    Strengthen your lower body and core in this standing class.

  • Don't Fall For It

    Training techniques that improve balance and strengthen muscles that prevent falls. Requires chair with a high back.

  • Mental Muscles

    This class focuses on mental training with challenging exercises that train brain skills like language, problem solving, short-term and long-term memory, spatial skills, and math!

  • Body Weight Strength

    Use your body and follow Tamilee through this series of exercises that builds strength for all the lower and upper body muscles without the need for equipment.

  • Heart Strong Interval

    Strengthen both cardiovascular and muscular systems with the use of free weights and bodyweight exercises, keeping one foot on the ground at all times to reduce joint impact. We finish with core conditioning and stretching.

  • Healthy Back

    This class works to strengthen the lower back and abdominal muscles, increase flexibility and relax the muscles surrounding the spine.

  • Functional Strength and Mobility

    Episode 17

    Standing body weight exercises & light resistance to work on all muscle groups to increase overall functional strength and mobility.

  • Brain Games and Balance


    A unique standing class specifically created to reduce the risk of falling. Build balance, strength, endurance while challenging the mind. Chair needed.

  • Get on the Ball

    Episode 2

    Standing exercises for strength and flexibility using a small ball.

  • FUNctional Fitness for Independence

    Episode 3

    Standing exercises for leg strength, safe mobility and balance.

  • Cover Your B.A.S.E.S.

    Covering your B.A.S.E.S. is easy with this all in one class with Sue Grant.

  • Stop & Go

    Episode 7

    Walking and gait training are the focus in this fun class led by Lawrence Biscontini and Super Betty.

  • Senior Shape Up

    Episode 8

    Stretch and strengthen to improve flexibility, core strength, and balance.

  • 8 Min Whole Lotta Legs

    Episode 12

  • 8 Min Power Arms

    Episode 13

  • 8 Min Fit Fresh Fun

    Episode 14

  • 8 Min Bend

    Episode 15

  • 8 Min Abs

    Episode 16