I Want to Exercise While Seated in a Chair

I Want to Exercise While Seated in a Chair

9 Seasons

Welcome to our seated exercise classes! Choose from our 'seasons' to find perfect classes for you.
Seasons include:
Strength & Posture
Tai Chi
Therapuetic Drum Sessions

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I Want to Exercise While Seated in a Chair
  • Shibashi (Seated)

    Episode 1

    This seated Shibashi practice is made up of 18 movements from Tai Chi and qigong.

  • Bed Stretch

    Episode 2

    Stretch while seated or reclined in your bed in this class designed to start your morning off right.

  • Yoga to Ease Achy Muscles

    Episode 3

    Stretch and strengthen the body's muscles with this seated yoga class.

  • Morning Stretch

    Episode 4

    This quick Morning Stretch is the best way to start out any day. Whatever your plans are for the day, this routine is designed to get your blood and body moving and support your body all day long.

  • Sit and Stretch

    Episode 5

    This seated dynamic stretching class improves flexibility and reduces stress throughout the body.

  • Strong and Flexible

    Episode 6

    Easy to follow, basic everyday movements that will improve strength and flexibility.

  • Stretch Band and Ball

    Episode 7

    Using a stretch band and exercise ball to strengthen major muscles, target core muscles for stability and good posture, and increase flexibility and range of motion.